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Why Buy Aluminum?

Aluminum has many qualities that prove its superiority. If you have ever owned a steel trailer or truck body, you know that steel rusts, warps, and degrades over time. And, you are also aware that the weight of steel will cost more than it's worth over time.

Alumne's all-Aluminum products are lighter, stronger, and more durable. They outlast steel by 3-4 times the average life-span with virtually no maintenance. While Aluminum may be a more substantial initial investment, the longer life-span, savings on maintenance, and reduction in fuel costs will more than offset your costs.

With an unrivalled high strength-to-weight ratio, Aluminum trailers are about 50% lighter than steel and easier to pull allowing you to increase your gas mileage. Pound for pound, Aluminum is five times stronger than steel. But we didn't leave it at that - we developed custom extrusions throughout the frame and flooring made with specially formulated alloys. The quality of an Alumne product simply can't be beat.



Why Buy Alumne?

History Alumne has been designing and building trailers, truck bodies, and accessories for almost two decades. Starting as a family business in 1988 by a former agricultural expert, Alumne is rapidly expanding.

Value At Alumne we value quality, strength, and style. Our truck bodies and trailers are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant Aluminum specifically designed to be practical and sleek. Our customer's receive the best care and support in the industry and the Alumne Dealer Network keeps your fleet on the road with local delivery and immediate repairs, parts, and service. Our customers also benefit from in-depth technical support.

Commitment to Service A family-owned and operated enterprise, Alumne takes the time to understand your needs. Known for our stubborn attention to quality and detail, we are proud of our reputation for excellence. Alumne is competitive in pricing and service and our experts are up-to-date, resourceful, and helpful.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Alumne Dump Bodies are light weight allowing larger loads. The goal is for the body to outlast the truck which the Alumne Body gives the customer. I recommend Alumne’s products because they are the best."

Caribbean Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

"I would strongly recommend buying an Alumne product. The product is very well designed giving customers longevity and very little maintenance. Alumne’s products will save you time and money. And there is no comparison between aluminum & steel. Aluminum is not susceptible to corrosion. Totally maintenance free product which only needs to be washed with water. Aluminum increases profitability because we do not have to dump our loads as frequently, thus allowing my crew to carry larger loads."

Grant's Landscaping, Inc.

"At our recent visit to your factory, Thank you for the excellent repair service I received from your crew.  You have a bunch of knowledgeable, respectable and professional guys.  As you know the Alumne body on one of our trucks was built 15 years ago, and is still holding strong.  This body has been thru all hurricanes we have had in recent years in South Florida with the latest being the wrath of Hurricane Wilma.  We loaded the truck with some huge log and debris, the Alumne body help up like a champ.  Your lightweight, low maintenance Alumne body (product) has been by far the best product we have owned.  Thanks again for the outstanding truck bodies you have custom built us and the money you have saved us through the years.  It truly is unbelievable how well your aluminum bodies hold up.  Hope to see you soon with another body we need built."
Mitchell Bulthuis / Owner
Continental Lawn & Landscaping, Inc.