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Alumne Dealers

With a proven track record in quality and sales, dealer opportunities abound in the Alumne Dealer Network. Our growing reputation affords dealers the opportunity to secure their own area while covering a large client base. And with a product line that has been successful in bringing in new customers while retaining past customers, the All-Aluminum Alumne product line is incomparable.

With an experienced staff at headquarters offering both technical and sales support, Alumne dealers are both successful and profitable. We are now exporting internationally and are open to any serious proposals.



Why Be An Alumne Dealer?

We know that dealers are often our best salesmen, so we provide support in the form of marketing materials, web content, and sales incentives. Our broad product line assures you the flexibility to meet any of your customers demands.

Our dealers receive the best care and support in the industry. The Alumne Dealer Network also welcomes your products for repairs, parts, and service. We are happy to provide in-depth technical support to your customers and we always stand behind our 5-year limited warranty. We do our best to ensure that customer's return for years and many products - which they always do!

Our manufacturing plant is located in central Florida. We are happy to help you transport and ship our products. Please call about dealership opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I start selling aluminum trailers? Aluminum provides a greatly increased product life span and much lower cost of ownership over time. Alumne products are built even lighter, stronger, and more durable than normal due to our proprietary extrusions.

What do all successful Alumne dealers have in common? Alumne dealers primarily want to provide the best possible aluminum bodies and accessories to their customers for use in their applications.

What is Alumne going to do to help me be successful? Alumne provides an exceptional product using ‘Alumne’s Proprietary Extrusions’ and backs it with a no-nonsense FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. We provide technical support in product design, sales, product training, and price quotations.

Why should I switch to Alumne products? The name ‘Alumne’ has become synonymous with the highest quality products in the industry. You are invited to join our team if you strive to be the best… selling the best.