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Alumne's Product Line

Quality...Dependability...Durability. That is what the Alumne product line was made for. Our customers know that we are constantly upgrading our designs and assembly process to make their products the best in the industry.

Using top-quality aluminum and custom extrusions, we have the strongest, lightest, and highest-quality product on the market. Our attention to detail saves customers money - making aluminum the most affordable choice in the long-term.

With a variety of standard base models that have numerous additional options, Alumne offers one of the most comprehensive product lines in a simple, customer-friendly layout. And, with experienced CAD designers on staff, we are able to customize any of our products to fit your particular needs.

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Alumne Trailers

Primarily serving the Landscape/Arborist, Racecar, and Livestock industry, Alumne's trailers have come to be the standard by which all trailers are measured. A quick glance at the sleek design and exceptional quality will have you convinced that an Alumne trailer is the highest quality, best designed, and most cost-effective option on the market.


Alumne Truck Bodies

Built to withstand the harshest abuse and still look sleek and professional, Alumne's Truck Bodies are the industry's best. Between quality and design, Alumne's products are the strongest, lightest, and best designed products on the market.

Parts & Accessories

Coming soon! Our tool boxes and customizable add-ons will be featured on this page shortly. In the meantime, please contact us for further information.