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Custom Extrusions


Alumne Dominates the Market with New Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Wildwood, Florida --- Alumne Manufacturing, inc. is the industry leader with its custom Aluminum extrusions. With proprietary designs the yield some of the strongest aluminum extrusions in the industry, only Alumne Trailers and Truck Bodies feature these designs. They now offer more custom-designed extrusions than any of their competitors.

Extrusions are metallic pieces designed to fit together like a puzzle, making stronger joints and leading to a faster assembly. Extrusions are made by pressing metal through a die to produce the shape desired. By strategically creating a trailer or truck body with extrusions, the product is stronger, lighter, more durable, and more stress-tolerant. The result is stronger because the extrusions replace several pieces of metal that would otherwise have to be welded together. When more extrusions are used in the manufacturing process, less welding is necessary thereby reducing the number of welds that could crack due to wear and tear. And, because all of these pieces are identical, there is less room for error.

Alumne has employed these extrusions in the design of the floor, corners, and frame. The metal Alumne uses is also a higher strength alloy than traditional sheet metal - Alumne uses 6061-T6 Aluminum. This is an aircraft-quality, high-grade aluminum that can take the excessive punishment that most customers give their trailers and truck bodies.

Alumne has been engineering custom extrusions for years. As the leading innovator in the trailer and truck body manufacturing industry, Alumne has consistently produced the highest quality and strongest physical designs.