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Beauty Meets Strength

There's Nothing This Chipper Body Can't Handle


You asked and we responded! After receiving requests from landscape and arborist professionals to do what many other manufacturers have said couldn't be done - make a chipper dump that maintains its new appearance during hard use - we set out to do the impossible.

The result is the Chipper Model XLT. With its unique hollow double-walled construction, we are the only manufacturer in the industry that provides a chipper that can be beat up on the inside, but still maintain a professional, new appearance on the outside. Stronger and sleeker than any other Chipper in the industry, this product is the top of the line for arborist and landscape professionals.

Alumne is constantly seeking solutions for our customers most nagging problems. With a reputation for innovation and creativity, our design experts enjoy a challenge. Continue checking our website for product updates and consult us for solution to any of your problems.